Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads


About ZagrosTrekking Tours

Our tours are mix of trekking and nomads tours; usually we do a short or long trekking, visit some nomads on the trekking pathes and also spend a night with them. As our nomads move between summer place and winter place, usually from May to October we organize our tours in summer place in high mountains and from November to May we go go to winter place in low mountains but always in Zagros mountains. Our trekking plans are very diverse ; there are some easy and short plans for beginners and also some long and difficult ones for professionals. Always we go deep in Zagros mountains to see eye-catching landscapes and also nomads who just keep some animals like sheep and goats for living and not a touristy camp.

Some times its hard to be connected to the nomads but as we do our trekking in our homeland among my cousins and other relatives, its very easy for us to be connected and have fun with them.

by trekking in nomads land, you have a good chance to see some interesting events like baking special bread and foods, milking, sheep shearing, weaving carpets, nomads moving between summer place and winter place and special nomads' school in tents. If you are lucky, you can see their great wedding parties also.

The hospitality and unique culture of Qashqai nomads doubles the beauty of Zagros mountains.

If you have enough time, we can do a long trekking among the nomads and also we can do some parts with horses (2 or 3 days or more). Otherwise, you can have a short trip just for a day.

There are some normal plans for our trips but we are very flexible and you can have your own plan according to your time and wish.