Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads


About ZagrosTrekking Tours

These kinds of tours can be listed as Adventure tours, Nomads tours, Trekking or hiking tours in Zagros mountains.

The best advantage of these tours is that you can visit and stay with nomads during your trip.

My main purpose is to help you to have a very nice trekking and visit some nomads' families and learn about their unique culture while our tours are flexible and we can have some changes according to your wish.

As there are very few nomadic guides and we go to far deserted areas, very few tourists have a chance  to visit the nomads ,  so our destination is not a touristy place and you can see their real life.

It is not something artificial or planned for tourists.

Also as I choose different families for different trips, they have very few chances to see tourists. They are always happy to see tourists and like to help them.

On the other hand, I dont like to bother them with more tourists and always I take some souvenirs for them. Some part of the money you pay goes to nomads.

Some times its hard to be connected to nomads but as we mostly stay in my cousins and other relatives' houses, its very easy for me to be connected and have fun with them.

When you are in nomads land, you have a good chance to see some interesting events like baking special bread and foods, milking, washing & sheep shearing, weaving carpets, nomads moving and special nomads' school in tents.If you are lucky, you can see their great wedding parties also.

Aside from nomads, you can see some of the best landscapes of Zagros mountains and somtimes you can reach to high peaks up to 4400.

The hospitality and unique culture of Qashqaei nomads doubles the beauty of Zagros mountains.

If you have enough time, we can do a good trekking among nomads and also we can do some parts with horses (2 or 3 days or more). Otherwise, you can have a short trip just for one day or night.

There are some normal plan for our trips but you can have your own plan according your time and wish.