Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

 We usually do this tour from May to November when our nomads are in summer place . On this trip we do a nice trekking in Ganbil valley and Barm-firuz mountain and lake in southern part of Zagros mountains ; visit some Qashqai nomads and spend a night with a nomad's family.

Tour plan:

Day 1:
Start from Shiraz in the morning ;
Drive to northwest of the city for about 110km/2 hr;
Arrive to Sheshpir region beside the town called Sepidan ( Ardekan);
Visit a nomad's family and have lunch with them,
Drive forward to Ganbil valley and start trekking for about 10km ;
Arrive to a nomad's family around sunset ;
Spend the night with the nomad's family ;
Day 2:
After breakfast start trekking up to Barm-firuz lake 3300m. ( about 3 km/3hr);
Trek up to Barm-firuz summit 3720 m. ( about 2km/ 2hr);
Have lunch on the lake,
Trek down to ganbil valley in the afternoon,
Drive back to Shiraz and finally get back to Shiraz around sunset.

1.Trekking from the lake to the summit is optional.
2.The starting point of trekking is about 2800m from the sea level ;
3.the path is a bit steep ;
4.In summer there are some prickly bushes and its better to wear good trekking shoes.
5.Be sure to take enough water.
6.Always you need some warm clothes for the night but its hot in midday ( about +35) especially in July, August and September.

This is the best tour in our summer place in high mountains from May to November. By taking this tour you can do a very nice trekking and visit a lot of nomads. on this trip we usually pass several nice mountains, valleys , a nice canyon(Ganbil canyon) and also climb up to a high summit! ( Barm-firuz summit 3720 m.) Its a professional treekking, so you should be physically ready and also you need good trekking shoes.

Tour plan:

Day 1:
Pick up from Shiraz and drive to North of the city for about 120km/ 2hr45min,
Get to last paradise valley and start trekking up to Jiderzar village,(3km/ 1 hr 45 min trekking),
Visit a family at the village and have lunch with them,
Trekking in the afternoon to Kahkaran village ( 14km/5hr),
Spend the night with a nomad's family close to the village,
Day 2:
Trekking through some mountains and Ganbil canyon,
have lunch in Ganbil canyon and also swimming is possible in the canyon.
Get to a nomad's family in the afternoon (about 15-18 km/5-7hr),
Spend the night with a nomad's family.
Trekking up to Barm-firuz lake and summit ( about 7km/5hr).
Trek down to the other side of the mountain to the road ( about 6km/3hr)and drive back to Shiraz ( about 130km/2hr30min)in the afternoon.
Get back to Shiraz around sunset.

1.Its a professional treekking, so you should be physically ready. need good trekking shoes.
3.we do our trekking in our nomads region, so whenever you want we can stop at nomads families and visit them.
4. The altitude of the starting point is about 1700m and the max altitude is 3700m.
5. Its hot in July, August and September, especially in midday about +35 and because of that we dont do trekking in midday in these monthes.