Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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No. 1: 1day summer place hiking & nomads tour!

Plan A: Start from Shiraz in the morning at about 8:00am, Drive to the northwest (114 km /1 hr 48 min) to the high mountains close to Ardekan (Sepidan) town, Start trekking up to Barm-firuz mountains to visit Barm-firuz lake, Trek down to a nomads family to visit them, About 6 km/6 hr trekking in total. Get back to Shiraz around sunset. Plan B: Start from Shiraz in the morning, Drive to northwest about 100km to a nomads family close to Ardekan (Sepidan) town, Visit a nomads family and have lunch with them, Take a short walk and visit some families around, Get back to Shiraz around sunset.


  1. Philipp

    We spent two amazing days with trekking, eating and talking to the nomads. Was a really authentic tour. I highly recommend! Philipp

  2. Lukas

    We did a 1,5-day tour with Mohammad to a normadic family in the Zagros mountains. It was really amazing as we got an authentic impression of the normad's life, staying in a small camp in the mountains with nothing around. The scenery of Zagros was also amazing. Mohammad is a very knowledgeable guide. I especially likes his calm and friendly personality. He didn't put up a big show, but instead showed the everyday life in the mountain, which make it one of the best experiences during our journey in Iran.

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