Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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1day Zagros mountains hiking and Qashqai nomads tour. ( No. 1)

Plan A:
Start from Shiraz in the morning at about 8:00am,
Drive to the northwest (114 km /1 hr 48 min) to the high mountains close to Ardekan (Sepidan) town,
Start trekking up to Barm-firuz mountains to visit Barm-firuz lake,
Trek down to a nomads family to visit and have lunch with them , About 8 km/5 hr trekking in total.
Get back to Shiraz around sunset.
Plan B:
Start from Shiraz in the morning,
Drive to northwest about 100km to a nomads family close to Ardekan (Sepidan) town,
Visit a nomads family and have lunch with them,
Take a short walk and visit some families around,
Get back to Shiraz around sunset.

1.Nomads live at an elevation from 2000 to 3000 and always the weather is ok and not too hot. Just in July, August and September its hot in midday about +35.
2. The lake is located at an elevation of 3300m and we start trekking at an elevation about 2500m.
3. Th e path is good and you can do it even with normal shoes.


  1. Philipp

    We spent two amazing days with trekking, eating and talking to the nomads. Was a really authentic tour. I highly recommend! Philipp

  2. Lukas

    We did a 1,5-day tour with Mohammad to a normadic family in the Zagros mountains. It was really amazing as we got an authentic impression of the normad's life, staying in a small camp in the mountains with nothing around. The scenery of Zagros was also amazing. Mohammad is a very knowledgeable guide. I especially likes his calm and friendly personality. He didn't put up a big show, but instead showed the everyday life in the mountain, which make it one of the best experiences during our journey in Iran.

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