Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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Shiraz to Yazd/ Yazd to Shiraz through Zagros mountains and Qashqai nomads. ( No. 8)

On this tour instead of normal way, we get to Yazd through Zagros mountains. We visit some nomads on the way, spend some time with them and also do a nice trekking.

Tour plan:
Day 1:
Start from Shiraz in the morning and drive to northwest of the city about 120km;
Get to high mountains and start trekking through Ganbil valley,
Get to a nomad's family in the afternoon and have lunch with them,
Take a short walk in the afternoon and visit some families around,
Spend the night with a nomad's family.
Day 2:
Trek up to Barm-firuz mountain to get to Barm-firuz lake,
Trek down from the other side to get to the road and drive to Kakan village,
Visit a family at the village and have lunch with them,
Drive to Yazd through Zagros mountains in the afternoon,
Get to Yazd around sunset.


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