Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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No. 8: 3day tour from Shiraz to Yazd through Zagros mountains and nomads!

On this tour instead of normal way, we get to Yazd through Zagros mountains. We visit some nomads on the way, spend a lot of time with them and also do a nice trekking and horse riding. Tour plan: Day 1: start from Shiraz in the morning and drive to northwest of the city about 96 km; Visit a group of nomads and have lunch with them ; Start a nice journey by horses/cars to another group of nomads in the afternoon ; Get to a nomad's family and spend the night with them. Day 2: Trek up to Barm-firuz mountains to visit the Barm-firuz lake and also get to the summit ; get back to the nomads in the afternoon and spend the night with them. Day 3: Drive to Yazd; Stop on the way at a nomad's family to visit them and have lunch with them. Get to Yazd in the afternoon.


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