Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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Dena mountain trekking . ( No.10)

Tourplan : Day1: Start from Shiraz in the morning and drive to northwest of shiraz for about 200km/3hrs. Get to Sisakht town at the bottom of the Dena mountain at about noon, Start trekking up to the mountain for about 7km/5hrs, Get to a refuge close to the top, Spend the night at the refuge. Day2; Start trekking up to the top, ( about 3km/2hrs), Get to the summit (4200m) befor noon, Spend few minutes at the top, Start trekking down, Get to the starting point in the afternoon, Drive back to Shiraz, Get back to Shiraz around sunset. Some tips: Its a professional treekking and you should be physically ready, Its always cold at the top; you should bring some warm clothes. If you want to visit some nomads also, we can spend more time and spend some time with them on the second day night. At the end of our trip its possible to get to Isfahan as Dena mountain is between Shiraz and Isfahan.


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