Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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Kooch tour. (No. 11)

Usually nomads spend the hot monthes in high mountains (summer place) and cold monthes in low lands (winter place) . Qashqai nomads summer place is located at north and northwest of Shiraz and their winter place is in south and west of Shiraz. Each family has its own place and just moves twice a year. Usually in April they move from low mountains to the high mountains and in October they move from the high mountains to low mountains. the distance is different from family to family but its about 200km for most of the Qashqai nomads. These days most of the families use trucks to move but there are still some families who move on foot especially in spring time. During the moving time Shepherds walk on foot to move the sheep and goats and they usually use donkeys to carry the stauff. They start early in the morning and rest for few hrs in midday ; move again in the afternoon and rest at nights.
Mostly you can can join them in April when they move from winter place to summer place. The families that we are going to be with start from south of Shiraz close to a city called Firuzabad ; move through Zagros mountains in west of Shiraz and finally get to high mountains in northwest of Shiraz close to a city called Ardekan. They move about 10 km a day and in total about 200km and takes about 20 days.
You can join them for just a day or more days if you are interested and have enough time.
For the Kooh tour, we pick you up from Shiraz and then we drive to nomads route. During the tour always we have our own 4w car and also our tents for the nights.


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