Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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No. 5: 3day professional summer place trekking & nomads!

tour plan:

Day 1:start from shiraz in the morning; drive to northwest of shiraz about 110 km; start trekking befor noon; have lunch on the way ;  arrive to a nomads family around sunset; spend the night with the nomads family.

Day 2:start trekking up to a summit(about 3 km/ 4 hr); have lunch on the summit; trekking down(3 km/2 hr) to a nomads family and spend the night with them.

Day 3:have breakfast and start trekking back through Ganbil canyon; have lunch with a nomads family on the way; back to the road to shiraz befor sunset( totally about 12km/6h trekking on this day); back to shiraz around sunset.

 Includes: transfer, trekking, sleeping in nomads tents, food, drinks,dessert and guiding.



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