Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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3day professional Zagros mountains trekking and Qashqai nomads tour. ( No. 6)

On this tour we go to our main winter place to visit more nomads and also do a long trekking.

Tour plan :
Start from Shiraz in the morning and drive to west ( 174 km/3hr 45 min) to get to Dara mountain close to Bosharjan village;
Start trekking through Dara mountain to get to a nomad's family ;
Visit the nomad's family and spend the night with them( 15 km/ 5hr trekking);
Day 2:
After breakfast strat trekking to the other side of Dara mountain ;
get to a nomad's family in the afternoon and spend the night with them ; (14km/ 5hr trekking)
Day 3:
have breakfast and trek forward ( about 6km) to Safarbag nomadic village,
Drive ( about 2hr) to Chogan valley
Get to Chogan valley at about noon,
Visit some ancient reliefs and have lunch in Kashkuli village.
Drive back to Shiraz in the afternoon.
Get back to Shiraz around sunset.

1. Its a professional treekking, so you should be physically ready.
2. The starting point for our trekking is about 1100m and max point is about 1600m on the second day.
3. Its hot about +35 in midday in November and also in April.
4. Its better to take some good trekking shoes but also its possible with normal shoes.
5. Take enough water
6. We do a bit long driving but we get to a very nice mountains and also a good chance to visit a lot of nomads.
7. On the second day we have a good chance to visit a nomads school in a tent but not always.


  1. Mattia

    Hi, I'm a solo traveller and I will be in Iran in late February - early March. I'm interested to know the price of the 3 days professional tour and the 2 days tour from Shiraz to Isfahan. Thanks Mattia

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