Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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Shiraz to Isfahan / Isfahan to Shiraz through Zagros mountains and Qashqai nomads. ( No. 7)

style="color:rgb(0, 128, 128)">Tour plan:

Day 1:
start from Shiraz in the morning
Drive to the northwest of Shiraz about 120km
Get to high mountains and start trekking through Ganbil valley,
Get to a nomad's family in the afternoon and have lunch with them,
Take a short walk and visit some more nomads in the afternoon,
Spend the night with a nomad's family.
Day 2:
Trek up to Barm-firuz mountain to get to Barm-firuz lake in the morning,
Trek down from the other side of the mountain to get to the road and drive to Kakan village and have lunch,
Drive to Isfahan through Dena mountain in the afternoon,
Get to Isfahan around sunset.


  1. Pandora

    We did a 2 day tour with Mohammed. It's was one the hightlights of our trip. As he grew up with Nomads, he has a lot if knowledge. The area is beautiful, the food is nice and the Nomads are friendly although they don't speak English. Overall I have enjoyed it very much, specially the overnight stay. Thanks!

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