Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads

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Shiraz to Isfahan / Isfahan to Shiraz through Zagros mountains and Qashqai nomads. ( No. 7)

Tour plan:

Day 1:start from Shiraz in the morning; drive to the northwest of Shiraz about 96 km; Get to a group of nomads, visit them and have lunch with them ; Start a nice journey to another group of nomads ; Get to a nomad's family around sunset and spend the night with them ; Day 2: Trek up to Barm-firuz mountain to visit the Barm-firuz lake amd also get to the summit ; Trek down in the afternoon and spend the night with nomads ; Day 3: Drive to Isfahan; stop at Siskht town( beside Dena mountain) to have lunch ; get to Isfahan around sunset.


  1. Pandora

    We did a 2 day tour with Mohammed. It's was one the hightlights of our trip. As he grew up with Nomads, he has a lot if knowledge. The area is beautiful, the food is nice and the Nomads are friendly although they don't speak English. Overall I have enjoyed it very much, specially the overnight stay. Thanks!

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