Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads


Zagros Mountains-Zagros Mountains Tour

Zagros mountains is a very big range of mountains that starts from southern part of Turkey to south east of Iran; its about 1500 km long and in widest point about 300 km wide.There are some high summits like Dena(4500), Zardkooh (4200), Barme Firuz(3720) and lot of nice rivers, lakes, and canyons.

During the winter there is a lot of snow in high mountains while we have just some raining in low mountains and winter is very short.

The climate is very diverse; In March when you go swimming in hot rivers in low mountains some people go for skiing in high mountains.

The wild life is also very various; leopards, bears, wild pigs, wolfs and foxes are some of the animals that still exist. Oak trees are the most common trees besides a lot of other wild trees and bushes.

Zagros mountains also are the home of some tribes of nomads like Qashqai, Bakhteyari, Lor, and Kords. These nomads spend the hot monthes in high mountains and cold monthes in low mountains close to persian gulf.

When you are in Iran dont miss the Zagros mountains; A trekking and visiting nomads in these mountains always has been an unforgettable memory for tourists.