Zagros Trekking with Qashqai nomads


Qashqai Nomads


Not the biggest, but the most famous tribe in the south of Iran and It has the biggest group among Iranian nomads that still moves between summer place and winter place.(about 10,000 people)

They are scattered in southern part of Zagros mountains, mostely in Fars province and some of them are close to Shiraz.

The Qashqai tribe is divided into 5 subtribes:

Kashkuli, sheshboluki, Amaleh, Dareh shuri and Farsimadan.

Also these subtribes are divided into smaller groups.(each subtribe consists about 50 groups)

In each group, there are about 50 families. The group members are relatives.

Each family and group has its own land and every year they move to the same place.

They used to move on foot between winter  place and summer place with their sheep and goats, carring all the stuff on donkeys and camels but these days some of them hire big trucks to move. They move two times a year. At the beginning of spring when it starts to get warm, they move to the north of Fars province  to higher mountains and, at the end of summer, when the high mountains start to get cold, they move back to their winter place near Persian Gulf. The time of moving is not fixed and it mostely depends on the weather.

In summer place, they usually live in tents, while most of them have a small stone house for winter.

They produce a lot of products from milk, like yoghurt , cheese, butter, oil and some other delicious foods and special bread.

Also women produce  ontricate carpets and some other invaluable handicrafts which are world famous. They can sell the extra milk products and handicrafts but their main income is selling the lambs and kids of goats. Mostly they keep sheep and goats and some families also have camels and horses. Nearly every family keeps dogs and donkeys.

Although their way of living is very hard and they dont have big properties but never consider themselves as a poor society. They are always proud of their rich and unique culture and the new generation try to keep it.

They love music;playing flute,setarand violinis very common . on their wedding parties they have a very traditional kind of music and also a special kind of dancing.

Like most of Turkish tribes in north of Iran, they speak an accent of Turkish language.

There is a special education system in nomads. Children go to schools in especial tents, so the schools can move with nomads. Also there are especial high schools with dormitories for nomads' children in big cities like Shiraz. 

Qashqai nomads are famous around the world, a good example in this case is Nissan company which names a model of its cars Qashqai to show that its very strong and can go everywhere like Qashqai nomads.